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This documentation is Copyright ã 2019 Paul Jeffcoat. The pdf file is free to download and can be copied and printed for personal use only. The rulebook is about 788 pages, has a full Table of Contents and Index, and is divided into the following chapters:




1. Introduction

Overview of roleplaying, dice conventions, the structure of the rulebook, etc.


2. Character Generation

Describes the process that each player should work through to create his/her character.


3. Actions

Explains how the gamesmaster and players determine whether characters' actions succeed or fail, and how to keep track of the order and timing of actions in combat and other situations when characters are in danger.


4. Combat

Details the weapons available to characters, and gives rules for determining the damage that different types of attacks do against differently armoured targets.


5. Magic

Describes how magic works, and the spells that can be cast by characters.


6. Optional Races

A short chapter providing rules for several optional races for characters.


7. Character Development

Gives rules for enhancing a character’s skills and statistics with time. And for madnesses which derange the character.


8. The GM

Goes into more detail about the role of the gamesmaster.


9. The Bestiary

Lists the most common creatures that characters may encounter.


10. Goods and Services

Lists prices for the equipment and services that characters typically wish to buy (including healing herbs and toxic poisons).


11. Treasure

Contains rules for randomly determining the nature of any treasure that characters may find.


12. Character Sheet

A template for recording a character's details.



Old Rule Updates


Tenth Edition – 8 August 2018:

·       Actions chapter

o   Scrapped Follow Through skill.

o   Revised swimming speeds.

·       Combat chapter

o   Scrapped near miss rules. Too complicated and leads to perverse behaviour, i.e. always aiming attacks at a third division body location.

o   Clarified rules for breaking shields and parrying projectiles - both require an advanced melee skill.

o   Weakened brute force attacks.

o   Simplified Defence so it doesn't change if in melee or other types of combat.

o   Parrying is impossible without adv melee skill Deflect Missile.

o   Simplified exsanguination, and added reference to leeches for bloodletting.

o   Divided Mortal injuries into Mortal Slow and Mortal Fast, to increase tension in combat and the importance of CO.

·       Magic chapter

o   Decreased spell-casting difficulty slightly.

o   Lessened duration of loss of spell-casting ability due to spell-casting failure.

o   Aeromancy:

§  Added Silence and Noise spells.

§  Amended Lightning Ball to introduce ball lightning.

o   Alchemy:

§  Weakened Work Material as too powerful.

§  Added Summon Alkahest spell.

o   Curses:

§  Added Projection spell.

o   Force:

§  Added Break Bonds spell.

o   Healing:

§  Added Ignore Exhaustion spell and Armour, Creature and Sanctuary Tattoo spells. Amended Ignore Pain.

o   Hydromancy:

§  Amended Summon Current to produce whirlpools. Added Ice Shroud. Made Water Bolt novice not dabbler.

o   Mind:

§  Added Possess Senses spell.

o   Nature:

§  Added Beard of Bees spell. Reordered some of the beast ability spells.

o   Necromancy:

§  Added Raise Carcass spell.

o   Pyromancy:

§  Added Smoke Form spell.

o   Terramancy:

§  Added Standing Stone spell.

o   Wizardry:

§  Added Summon Coin and Night Watch spells. Increased penalty for use of Restoration spell.

o   Pious magic:

§  Added rules for congregations.

§  Added extra Chaos Gifts.

§  Added table linking gods to months and constellations.

·       Bestiary chapter

o   Creature's Defence now equals their Nimbleness.

o   Added Giant Centipede, Etherlich and Gargoyles.

o   Reworked Gonchong as Slaver Demon.

o   Reworked Rust Monster as Disarmer Scarab.

o   Renamed Balrog as Fire Fiend, and Ent as Green Man.

o   Scrapped Beholder.

o   Tweaked Basilisks.

·       Psychoses chapter

o   Moved into Character Development chapter.

·       Goods and Services chapter

o   Added smelling salts.

o   Increased rarity and cost of Cleric's Trefoil (spell casting restoration).

o   Added herbs for imunity to Demonic Wrongness and undead cold auras.

o   Tightened rules for finding herbs, to reduce number of doses found.

·       Treasure chapter

o   Added Pelican Alembic.

o   Added alkahest.


Ninth Edition - 12 May 2017 - major update.

·       Character Generation chapter:

o   Removed infra-vision. Some of the standard PC races have night vision, but none can see in total darkness - making the dark more frightening.

o   Removed reference to Goblinoids being scared of daylight. Perhaps early generations were, but no longer.

o   Racial Averages table - Halfling now EM=6, EN=4.

o   Racial lifespan modified by +CO+LU to reflect natural variation.

o   Added racial predispositions to certain skills, to enhance the differences between races.

·       Actions chapter:

o   New Advanced Melee Skills - Manoeuvre in Armour and Studied Strike.

o   Orcish language renamed Darkspeech.

·       Combat chapter:

o   Revised Attack Strengths and ranges for thrown and missile weapons, to reflect the user's ST.

o   Cross bow Strength Penalty is added to reload duration (see asterisk under table).

o   Damage section restructured to reflect new rules for humours and ailments.

o   Magic injury table revised.

·       Magic chapter:

o   Spell effect duration now: irrevocable infinite (aka persistent), irrevocable instantaneous (instantaneous), revocable infinite (sustained), revocable finite (limited). 

o   Allowed all revocable finite spells (durations of SC secs, mins, hours, etc.) to be cast as revocable infinite with loss of 1 point from Magic skill (GM's discretion).

o   Worsened the length of spell-casting loss following spell-casting failure.

o   Talismans - changed to wands, staves and staffs.

o   Reword spell foci. Now spell components, divided into:

o   vectors - which link to a target and allow remote spell-casting, for almost all spells; and

o   dies - which are required to cast spells of proficient difficulty and greater. The requirement for dies weakens magicians somewhat, and provides quest goals.


§  Added Item Familiar spell.  Sentience revised accordingly.

§  Sentience spell - scrapped flying item at SC>=15.

§  Added simple Golem spell to proficient difficulty. Added soul trapping into a Golem into Sentience spell.

§  Added Golem Resurrection.


§  Added Reveal Miasma, Absorb Poison, Inhale Miasma, Excrete Poison and Exhale Miasma spells.

§  Scrapped Poison Blade, Transfer Infection, Transfer Poison.

§  Amended Summon Demon so that caster's gain their own Demonic Wrongness field, leading to them being shunned by society.


§  Added Balance Humour spell.

§  Scrapped Cure Ailment, Heal Stun, Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Heal Mind.

§  Amended Diagnosis spell to note that it reveals humours in excess, and the body systems afflicted.

§  Explained what spell tattoos look like.

o   MIND

§  Added Plant Memory spell.

§  Master spell - scrapped permanent version ending on caster's death.

§  Moved Name of Power to Mind, and expanded its scope.


§  Defined beasts as instinctive intelligence or less.


§  Added Spectre Light spell.

§  Scrapped Detect Undead.

§  Amended Breath of the Grave to induce miasma.


§  Added Fire Blast spell.

§  Scrapped Fiery Vengeance.


§  Removed Troll resurrection via Statue Form - now achieved via Gnome or Earth Priest.


§  Added Inscribed Trigger and Long Door spells.

§  True Name added to Wizardry.

§  Break Focus scrapped.

·       Optional Races chapter:

o   New PC race - Crystal Troll.

o   Icthoids are bioluminescent, so they can see in total darkness.

·       Character Development chapter:

o   Rules for advanced age and decrepitude.

·       GM chapter:

o   Optional rules, including the Repute attribute and a Luck Re-Roll system using playing cards.

o   Essay on the country inn, to illuminate the state of mundane life.

o   Revised planes of existence - now the Spirit Realm and the Demonic Realm ("The Labyrinth").

·       Bestiary chapter:

o   Added Slave Demon, Bloodsail Jellyfish, Sea Serpent, Tree Mantis, Golden Crab and Giant Newt.

o   Replaced Void Hart with Briar Hart.

o   Revised Plague Demon to reflect miasmas.

o   Revised creature's poisons to simplify their effects, and to match changes to poisons reflecting the introduction of humours.

o   Rationalised habitats and random encounter tables.

o   Restructured chapter alphabetically.

o   Changed demonic wrongness back to a HI affect, instead of spell disruption. HI worsened by Class/2, radius 2xClass.

·       Psychoses chapter:

o   Tweaked to reflect new rules for humours and ailments.

·       Goods and Services chapter:

o   Revised coinage - tin, copper and platinum coins scrapped as not commonly used in medieval times. Revised set of coins: gold drakes and suns, silver moons and stars, bronze crowns and shields.

o   Revised herbs, poisons and diseases to reflect the introduction of humours and the healing of ailments.

o   Added appearances for plant herbs and poisons.

o   Increasing resistance to poisons and diseases as Resistance Rolls are passed.

o   New poisons - Magebanes - disrupting spell-casting ability. Also Demon's Blood, Earweed, Tonguebind, Eyeblind, Gloomspore.

o   New herbs - Nulweeds - increasing resistance to spells.

o   Diseases now spread by miasmas. Their effects are simplified, and now include permanent attribute loss. Added the common cold and flu for comparison.

·       Treasure chapter:

o   Revised the tables for composition and powers.

o   Provided a worked example of treasure generation.

o   New dispelling potions - that dispel a spell affecting the drinker.

o   New potions to restore humours.

o   New potions to transport drinker to Spirit and Demonic Realm.

o   New legendary items - the Sceptre of Disarray (and Djinn aka Genie), and the Midnight Silverhorn, a cure for lycanthropy.

o   Tweaked Wand of Towering to limit its use.

o   Wand of Toadstool Towering added.

o   Ent wood and bow making.


Eighth Edition - 7 March 2015 –minor update.

·       Simplified rules for advanced character generation, added a new example magical item, eliminated typos and improved explanation.


Seventh Edition - 26 September 2014 – major changes:

o   Character Generation:

o   New Empathy and Reasoning attributes, rather than just Intelligence. Also Enchantment rather than Magic.

o   Scrapped racial restrictions on calling.

o   Scrapped half-elves and half-orcs.

o   Made wood elves mortal. Only dragon-newts and trolls are immortal.

o   Actions:

o   Reworked for Skill+Attribute action roll system.

o   Skills divided into arts, crafts, lores and manoeuvres - as well as combat, magic, adrenal and advanced melee.

o   Combat:

o   Following weapons scrapped: Fighting Chain, Blowpipe, Bolas, Nunchaku, Military Pick, Dart, War Mattock, No-Dachi, Katana, Claymore.

o   Revised weights to make them more consistent.

o   Changed characteristics of cudgels and maces, to reduce their effectiveness. Most one-handed blunt weapons do Kick Box damage now, not Crush.

o   Adjusted all mST and deleted Fumble Range in tables.

o   Rules for applying exhaustion penalty consistently in combat now.

o   Revised Damage Tables to make them more consistent, and to increase difference with AC.

o   Exsanguination moved from Giant Vampire Bat to Damage section.

o   Scrapped cuir bouilli armours.

o   Made it worthwhile layering different ACs (protection is not just the highest AC).

o   Scrapped Armour Penalty. Armour just contributes to Encumbrance Penalty, unless it is magical. Magical bonuses for armour reduce Encumbrance Penalty. Some weapons and armour are heavy now (especially mail)!

o   Clarified that Defence is greatest Attack for two-weapon combo.

o   Scrapped range modifiers to Attack (instead the Location Penalty changes with range).

o   Scrapped effect of range on Attack Strength.

o   Scrapped halving of Defence versus ranged attacks, or whilst making them, or whilst charging, etc. Instead Defence just equals AG, except whilst making and receiving melee attacks, when the weapon can be used to parry.

o   Fighters can make enhanced parries versus ranged attacks.

o   Reworked advanced melee skills. Fighters are able to sacrifice skill development ticks for bonuses to advanced melee skills (to stop them developing dozens of pointless combat skills). New advanced melee skills: Death Prod and Follow Through.

o   Magic:

o   Replaced spell level with 6 grades of difficulty.

o   Three spell casting durations - 1, 5 and 60 seconds.

o   Scrapped sustained spell effect duration.

o   Referring to spells as being resistible or irresistible, instead of direct or indirect, as clearer. Reduced number of irresistible spells - most are not resistible.

o   New Talisman spells in all disciplines, to encourage specialisation and interaction.

o   Reworked Bolts, Balls and Cones so they automatically hit - no need for attack rolls (except when sweeping cones).

o   New spells: Wind of Utility (Aeromancy); Crystal Light (Terramancy); Lifesap (Necromancy); Strip the Flesh (Necromancy); Red Mist (Necromancy); Attribute Enhancement (Alchemy); Freeze Water (Hydromancy); Fire Cloak (Pyromancy), Snake Arrow (Nature), Blind Arrow (Nature), Reflect Missile (Force), Shift Gravity (Force).

o   Reordered low level Healing spells. Tweaked Heal Injury and Ignore Pain.

o   Scrapped vorpal enhancement from Alchemy, given revisions to Armour.

o   Reduced duration of Paralyse as it was too powerful.

o   Replaced Heat Item in Pyromancy with Ignite.

o   Vampires revised to allow them to fully exsanguinate and kill.

o   Added new Chaos gift - changing race.

o   Reworked priest ranks and gifts. Gifts now bestow attribute increases.

o   Scrapped priestly spell immunity.

o   Optional Races:

o   Increased Dragon-Newt metamorphosis time to days not hours.

o   Changed Icthoid telepathy power to suggestion.

o   Character Development:

o   Revised development rules for new Skill+Attribute action roll system.

o   Scrapped attribute development, given new potential for magic to enhance attributes.

o   Bestiary:

o   Scrapped creatures' immunity to non-magical weapons. Such immunity is reserved for users of a master Force spell or pious magic.

o   Revised vulnerability to give standard, resilient and super-resilient classes, plus regenerating.

o   New creatures: Beholder, Fei-Long and Void Hart. Scrapped chimp and hydra. Merged Ice and Water Drake (aka Hydra).

o   Demonic Wrongness now disrupts spell-casting, rather than worsening Hindrance.

o   Undead attacks no longer disrupt spell-casting. Instead, some emit a cold aura which fatigues.

o   Goods:

o   New tax on adventurers bringing treasure into towns. Will encourage stashing of treasure in the wilderness.

o   Blackgrot - new poison and trail ration.

o   Added in prices for metal shields in Goods and Services.

o   Merged injury healing herbs (the location of the injury on the body no longer matters).

o   Scrapped herb which heals injuries in advance - leave this to spells.

o   Treasure:

o   Artefacts renamed as legendary items.

o   Wand of Towering added.

o   Float Stone added alongside mithril and adamant.


Sixth Edition - 5 January 2013 – big changes, chiefly the scrapping of Power Points and the Magic stat. Changes by chapter:

·       Character Generation

o   Increased personalisation by allowing 30 points to be spent on DRMs in character generation, not 18.

o   Scrapped night vision. Revised which races have infravision and its range.

o   Revised penalties for Swimming skill for Dwarfs (and Dragon-Newts).

o   LURPs now regained at the end of each scene in the GM's campaign. Maximum number adjusted.

·       Actions

o   Renamed scholar language grade to student.

o   Removed an error in the difficulty factor table in the Actions chapter.

·       Combat

o   Reduced speeds of many one-handed melee weapons - majority are now 3 seconds. This because simultaneous one-handed attacks were unbalanced, e.g. a dagger could be attacking every second whilst a mace in the other hand was attacking every 5 seconds.

o   Clarified that a weapon's duration is not just the time to swing it but also the time for recovery between attacks, repositioning the feet, overcoming the weapon's inertia, etc.

o   Scrapped metal shields - wooden ones would be far more practical.

·       Magic

o   Scrapped POPs and the MA stat.

o   Instead of losing POPs when a spell is cast - if a spell-casting roll is failed, the caster loses the ability to cast any magic spell for a number of seconds equal to the spell's level, assuming the level is <=10. If the spell's level is between 11 and 15, spell-casting ability is lost for this many minutes. If spell levels is >=16, spell-casting ability is lost for this many hours.

o   If a spell-casting roll is fumbled, in addition to the loss of spell-casting ability, the spell is lost from the caster's memory. The player puts a cross by it in pencil on the character sheet. Once the character regains his spell-casting ability, he must spend the requisite number of hours to re-memorise this spell before he can cast it again. This means that the concept of incomprehensible spells can be scrapped too.

o   New Restoration spell added to Wizardry to restore loss of spell-casting ability.

o   Ghost Drain and Leech Power spells scrapped from Necromancy. Added Detect Undead spell, and Bind Spirit for making Greater Skeletons.

o   New Wake Trees spell in Hedge Mage discipline. Made Intersection a lower level spell to encourage encounters with intersections in the game.

o   New Alter Ego spell in Mind discipline.

o   Clarified that bolts, balls and cones require an attack roll to aim after the spell-casting roll. Added that an optional skill could be developed for aiming them by characters with low SC.

o   Raised default spell-casting time to 5 seconds. And prayers to 10 seconds.

o   FERPs have gone. Instead have loss of prayer use, like for spell-casting failures.

o   Changed Green Fingers gift from Goddess of Plants.

·       GM

o   Simplified rules for advanced character generation.

·       Bestiary

o   Revised regenerating vulnerability class so the GM doesn't need to record when a creature receives an injury.

o   The ability of undead to drain POPs has gone - victims instead lose spell-casting ability.

·       Goods and Services

o   Increased the range of habitats that each herb grows in.

o   Added a new herb to restore lost spell-casting ability following undead attacks.

·       Treasure

o   Made healing potions more likely to be generated on the random Potions table.

o   New Restoration potion added to restore loss of spell-casting ability.


Fifth Edition - 8 October 2011

·       A new system for damage makes combat deadly – and has required a full rewrite of most of the game’s mechanics. Amongst the big changes:

o   Hit Points have been scrapped and replaced with a new system for injuries;

o   revised attack skills and types of armour;

o   revised Healing magic and herbs;

o   new adrenal skills;

o   new creatures – the Fey (replacing elementals) , corpse candle, rapier midge;

o   20 fully worked example NPCs;

o   new materials for treasure – mithril and adamantium.


Fourth Edition - 6 March 2010

Changes by chapter:

·       Actions

o   Attune skill - the difficulty of attuning a magical item decreases once you've attuned it several times.

o   Replaced Pharmacy and Healing skills with Medicine.

·       Combat

o   Stopped allowing Dodge to be used against all attacks. Now a target must divide his Dodge skill between attacks. This will encourage the use of shields to block.

o   Removed Orientation Bonus for flank and rear attacks.

o   Injury Roll Tables - amended to decrease likelihood of an Injury not causing damage.

o   Reworked the Location Penalty section with more examples of body types.

o   Added fighter specialisations to beef up the power and customisation of those of the fighter calling, who might not be obsessed about spells.

o   Added caltrops to Mounted Combat section.

·       Magic

o   Profane Magic

§  Major reworking of disciplines and spells to strip out duplication and naff spells.

§  Added rules for use of foci and true names in spell-casting. Replaced use of mark-type spells with use of foci.

§  A separate SD roll is now made to resist direct spells, improving the chance of resisting them.

§  Spell acquisition was too easy so have now:

§  Scrapped the forgetting of spells (unnecessary complexity, and means that PCs would find spell books too regularly);

§  Changed the cost of buying spells from guilds such that missions are required for ≥11 level (more roleplaying potential);

§  Amended rules for spell research so that existing spells can be developed from scratch.

§  Changed default spell-casting time to 3 secs.

§  Alchemy

·       Stripped out unnecessary complexities like Soul Stones and Familiar Stones. Have axed spells related to these concepts.

·       Have limited the number of magical items that an alchemist can make (through POP reduction).

·       Have limited the number of Enhancements that an item can have (bonus plus two others).

·       Embedded spells can be cast a number of times per day, rather than items having pools of POPs.

§  Combat and Movement

·       Merged Combat and Movement into a new Force discipline.

§  Wizardry, Conjuration and Time

·       Scrapped Time and Conjuration disciplines. Moved the few good spells from these into a revised Wizardry discipline. Note that Permanency has gone.

§  Mind and Illusion

·       Scrapped Illusion discipline. Moved the few good spells into Mind. Illusions and invisibility are now mind tricks, Jedi-style.

§  Necromancy

·       Complete reworking. Made raising undead a lot simpler. Now centred around ghouls, vampires and liches at high level.

§  Nature

·       Scrapped Shapechanging discipline. Moved the few good spells into Nature.

§  Wounding

·       Now called Curses. Includes the few good Demonology spells.

o   Pious Magic

§  Invocation Prayer - now cast as if priest's SC is DV, not 20.

§  Priests of Chaos now receive gifts on the third identical consecutive 1d20 throw.

§  Paladin is now the name of a Priest of the Goddess of Love. Members of Guild of Combat Mages are called Knights.

§  Amended some gifts from the Goddess of Fate.

§  Changed default praying time to 5 secs.

·       Optional Races

o   Troll weight reduced to 4x Height (cms).

o   Troll movement rates from normal formulae are now divided by 3, to stop them running at 50 mph!

·       GM

o   Augmented section on law to discuss curfews, importance of reputation, sanctuary.

·       Bestiary

o   Added Raven, e.g. Roac in "The Hobbit".

o   Gave drakes powerful ability to deceive through conversation.

o   Specified intelligence of master Fungoid.

o   Have increased HIPs and Dodges of some NPCs as they were too weedy.

o   Have recalculated Dodges of monsters to reflect size as well as reactions - huge creatures should be very easy to hit.

·       Prices

o   Added section on common taxes.

o   Added prices for barrels of ale and wine.

·       Treasure

o   Reworked to reflect changes to Magic chapter, and simplified in the process - the old chapter was trying to do too much.

·       Character Sheet

o   Removed redundant reference to Birth Sign.


Third Edition - 26 July 2009

Changes by chapter:

·       Character Generation

o   Have scrapped birthsigns (many becoming priestly powers).

o   Amended rules for experienced character generation so as to protect differences between callings.

o   Amended racial DRM modifiers for Spell-Casting skills.

·       Actions

o   Simplified language skills through the use of grades.

o   Added Blind Fighting skill and rules for blindness.

o   Added Fire-Starting skill.

o   Merged the Fishing and Fish Lore skills and Forestry and Tree Lore skills, keeping the latter.

·       Combat

o   Added rules for mounted combat.

o   Removed range modifiers for elemental spell attacks as they were too powerful.

o   Made rules for rate of natural HIP/POP regain easier to find.

·       Magic

o   Reworked the Alchemy discipline to remove the need for embedding precious stones on all magical items, to make Golems easier to make and to provide more spells for protecting strongholds.

o   Split the Elemental disciplines into four separate disciplines. Specified volumes for bolt, ball and cone spells. Made sizes of walls in wall spells vary with SC.

o   Reordered Combat spells, removed Energise Attack and added Distribute Attack spell.

o   Added Girdle of Misdirection spell to Nature discipline.

o   Added Repel Fire spell to Elemental Fire discipline.

o   Added Entropy spell to Time discipline.

o   Added Cloak Item spell - turns castles into hills.

o   Added Repeating Trigger spell - better for spell traps.

o   Added SC km limit to Seer spell.

o   Enhanced Scrying to make it markedly better than Seer.

o   Priests now gain gifts from their gods.

o   Pious prayers - adjusted some of the levels and descriptions.

o   Removed the +1 bonus for resisting direct spells with SD<Level. This penalised characters with higher SD.

·       Optional Races

o   Simplified rules for slaying Trolls and the effects of sunlight.

o   Fixed Dragon-Newt Pain Tolerance DRM at zero, so all callings progress through instars. Mentioned increasing proto-dragon-stench and effect on horses and riding.

·       Games Master

o   Amended rules for advanced character generation so that huge numbers of spells are not always obtained.

·       Bestiary

o   Gave all monsters an Observation skill bonus.

o   Increased POPs available to some spell-casting monsters.

o   Altered necromantic phylacteries to distinguish them from alchemical soul stones.

o   Alterations to NPCs and creatures' spells following division of elemental disciplines.

o   Amended Vampire to tighten definition of exposure to sunlight.

o   Amended Great Troll to reflect tweaks to the common Troll.

o   Added Goat, Rhino and Fungoid.

·       Prices for Goods and Services

o   Modified prices of precious stones and jewellery to reflect new Alchemy and Treasure.

o   Halved values of some herbs.

·       Treasure

o   Reworked rules for treasure generation to reflect changes to Alchemy.

o   Added Zinder Nut into herbs table in Treasure. Reordered herbs by rarity.

o   Added Blood Mandrake herb in Artefacts section - a cure for vampirism.


Second Edition - 28 October 2008

·       Replaced Ranger and Thief with single Jack of all Trades calling.

·       Provided examples of personalisation of callings to produce Bards, Knights, Assassins, etc.

·       Made allocation of DRMs depending on calling more versatile.

·       Removed weapon categories as redundant.

·       Amended rules for blocks, parries and disarms.

·       Changed Shield Block skill to Block.

·       Added Tourettes psychosis.

·       Skills, stats and character generation:

·       Replaced stat contribution with relevant stat. Training and study now only effective to 13.

·       Removed redistribution of points when rolling out stats.

·       Amended rules for Dodge, Shield Block and Pain Tolerance development.

·       Removed practice.

·       Removed skill specialisation.

·       Amended rules for the effects of changing stats.

·       Renamed Subdual skill as Knock Out.

·       Added Garrotte skill.

·       Moved Haggling from optional to core skills.

·       Moved Frenzy, Knock Out, Pharmacy, Pick Lock, Pick Pocket and Trap-Setting from Core to Optional skills.

·       Moved attack skill classifications for foils and rapiers, 2-ended flails, nets and bolas.

·       Increased number of Lore skills.

·       Altered racial restrictions on calling.

·       Amended default DRMs for different callings.

·       Merged Troll Spell-Casting DRM tables.

·       Clarified re. off hand penalty and two-handed attacks.

·       Removed high stat abilities (added some into birth signs instead).

·       Replaced 36 birth signs with 12 (one per month) but which vary with time of year. Weeded out the boring signs.

·       Fixed maximum number of incidental skill increases to 3 (rather than relating it to IN which penalised thick PCs).

·       Clarified that changing specialised attack skills or spell-casting skills is permissible.

·       Amended rules for producing powerful PCs, using a points-based system.

Religious magic:

·       Added religion to the Magic chapter.

·       Added Theology Lore and Devotion skill.

·       Removed the Religion section from the GM chapter.

·       Removed split between codified and improvised spells - now spells vs. prayers.

·       Monks have become Volitants, Druids have become Hedge Mages, Mediums have become Mentalists. Edited guild hall descriptions, etc.

·       Added a Diagnosis spell to the Healing discipline.


·       Added guidelines for laws, the Watch, outlaws, etc.


·       Added rules for wargs, crows (individual and flock), barghest, entling and devil's horn and mad cap fungi.

·       Removed errors in some creature's RE stats.


·       Added ammunition table.

·       Simplified weights of equipment to make them easier to add up.

·       Added the Zinder Nut (for fatigue).

·       Simplified rules for finding herbs in the wild.

·       Simplified rarities and made herbs easier to find.


·       All head injuries now have chance of causing knock down or items to be dropped.

·       Altered Asphyxiation Injury table.


5 January 2008

·       Rulebook available in print on www.lulu.com.

·       Changes to Character Generation chapter. Altered the formula for Reactions stat.

·       Changes to Actions chapter. Simplified rules for Reactions Rolls.

·       Changes to Combat chapter. Altered Location Penalties. Altered Armour Action Penalties. Altered Injury Description Tables - made head strikes more deadly and added chance of disarming or knocking down injured foe. Gave option of stunning Mental Injury from Unarmed Combat kicks and punches. Amended combat example.

·       Changes to Magic chapter. New description for Spider Climb spell.

·       Changes to Bestiary. Changed Reactions stat for creatures and NPCs.


20 December 2007

·       Changes to Character Generation chapter. Altered the formula for Reactions stat.

·       Changes to Actions chapter. Simplified rules for Reactions Rolls.

·       Changes to Combat chapter. Altered Location Penalties. Altered Armour Action Penalties. Altered Injury Description Tables - made head strikes more deadly and added chance of disarming or knocking down injured foe. Gave option of stunning Mental Injury from Unarmed Combat kicks and punches.


28 November 2007

·       Changes to Magic chapter. Separate elemental spells for different elements. Altered Potion spell. Amended Guilds section.

·       Changes to Prices chapter. Added rules for banks and treasure chests.

·       Changes to Treasure chapter. Added Harm Potions.


21 November 2007

·       Changes to Treasure chapter. Reworked potions – added Enhance Physique Potions.

·       Changes to GM chapter. Added rules for using Luck stat to select a PC.


15 November 2007

·       Reworked herbs and poisons.

·       Added index.


7 August 2007

·       Changes to Magic. Completely new Conjuration discipline. Weeded out rubbish spells from Illusion, Nature and other lists. Converted circle spells to pentagrams. Made resisting spells always problematic for the caster (old rules made it a boon for the caster if the target had a low SD c.f. his SC). Increased maximum spell-casting skill bonus for non-specialist disciplines.

·       Changes to Bestiary. Modified Hydra and Lycanthropes' regeneration. Improved fear effects for huge magical creatures.

·       Changes to Treasure. Simplified process for randomly determining the powers of magic items. Improved the process for determining the value of potions to reflect the power of creator.

·       Changes to Actions. Added optional Haggling skill.


17 May 2007

·       More changes! Introduced concept of the Resistance Penalty - this simplifies/rationalises fatigue, prohibited movement rates, encumbrance, etc. Changed Armour Mobility Penalties, Attack Damage Bonuses, times for actions, and too much other stuff to mention.


20 March 2007

·       Another mega edit.

·       Added new monsters – Dire Wolf, Bog Kraken and Sea Kraken.

·       Obtained a better pdf writer, so can now provide the rulebook as a single file for download.


03 February 2007

General edit to all chapters to remove inconsistencies and enhance explanations.

·       Amended Character Generation chapter to reflect strength difference between genders. Also removed the night-vision ability of Wood and Half-Elves (they are creatures of light not dark) and increased Halfling's LU stat. Amended rules for LURPs.

·       Amended Actions chapter. Removed Research skill (easily replaced with IN stat roll). Simplified complimentary skills.

·       Amended Combat chapter. Removed some errors in the Example Combat section.

·       Updated the Magic chapter. Reworked Illusion to Wounding spells, minor tweaks to other disciplines.

·       Amended Character Development chapter to allow skills >=20 to develop. Made the rules for tuition, study and practice more consistent. Required expenditure of LURPs to raise stats.

·       Amended Bestiary - added Were-Bat, Wyvern, Banshee.


30 Sep 2006

·       Altered Character Development chapter to introduce idea of specialised attack and spell-casting skills. Development Rolls are now made at the end of the gaming session rather than the end of each day in game. Development Rolls are also made whenever a 20 is thrown in a skill roll.

·       Altered Actions and Optional Races chapters following merger of Unarmed Combat attack skills. Introduced new skills for optional race natural attacks.

·       Altered Character Generation chapter - added Acting and Pharmacy into the calling skills for Thieves and Rangers.

·       Altered Combat chapter and Character Sheet to remove system for tracking damage to items - too complex. Also, the bonus of magical armour only reduces the Action Penalty now, and doesn't also reduce HIP loss directly.

·       Altered Magic chapter - major reworking of the Combat and Elemental lists.


26 September 2006

·       Changed Actions and Character Generation chapters to divide the attack skills into categories - giving the callings a broader range of attack forms.


2 September 2006

·       Changed Character Development chapter – altered limits on attack and spell-casting skills so a character can now develop a very limited skill bonus in all Spell-Casting skills, rather than being restricted by his calling to spells of only a few disciplines.

·       Changed Magic chapter – removed duplication of Harm spells from Wounding list, and made the durations of various Summon spells in different disciplines more consistent. Got rid of overcasting - too powerful.

·       Changed Actions chapter – altered Subdual skill description to give rules for garrotes and blackjacks.


16 September 2006

·       Improved Treasure chapter to simplify random treasure generation. Tweaked some of the rules for gunpowder weaponry too.

·       Changed Character Generation, Actions and Magic chapters and Character sheet following replacement of Attune spell with a skill. Reordered Alchemy discipline. Changed Healing discipline to reduce spell duplication.


11 September 2006

·       Total reworking of Character Generation, Optional Races and Character Development chapters, and the Character Sheet, to reflect changes to callings and skill development. The semi-magician callings have been scrapped and there are now bigger differences between the remaining callings. The minor, major, specialised and difficult skills have been replaced with a simpler Development Roll Modifier system.

·       Actions chapter updated with new skills - Influence has been split into Acting, Leadership and Seduction, History replaces Etiquette and Heraldry, and Geography replaces Region Lore.

·       Magic chapter - Telekinesis has been altered. Major changes to the Alchemy list to make the spells more consistent and the Thief calling more useful for getting through locked doors. Spell-casting no longer requires gesticulation.


4 April 2006

·       Simplified Two-Weapon-Combo. Removed need for multiple skills; applied penalties instead.

·       Altered Enhance Attack, Blur, Enhanced Invisibility and Spirit Travel spells.

·       New spells - The Iron Man, Enhanced Cloak and The Two-Edged Sword of Glass.

·       Gave Vampires a beguile/seduction ability.


14 March 2006

·       Removed Item Familiar spell.

·       Added Undead Familiar spell.

·       Altered Detect spells, Invisibility to Undead, Circle of Dead Soul Summoning, Invisibility to Demons, Become Demon, Master Demon, Demon Familiar and Beast Familiar spells.

·       Reordered levels of Demonology, Nature, Necromancy and Wizardry spells.

·       Adjusted description of Ghost to prevent them from becoming invisible.


 26 February 2006

·       Changed chapter structure.

·       Improved spell embedding and attunement spells so that characters with poor Spell-Casting skills can attune embedded spells and produce potent effects.

·       Added rules for overcasting of high level spells.

·       Lowered the level of Beast Familiar spell.

·       Updated Two-Weapon-Combo skill to make it more realistic.


19 February 2006

·       Altered rules for Troll - changed regeneration, methods of killing and effect of sunlight. (Adjusted Great Troll to reflect these changes.)

·       Added rules for increasing stats.


03 February 2006

Combat changes:

·       Removed ST contribution to ADB for unarmed attacks. Strength is already present in the stat contribution.

·       Removed secondary damage types - they were almost never used in play testing.

·       Altered the statistics of several one and two-handed weapons, and unarmed attacks. Two-handed weapons are now faster, but do less damage.

·       Changed stat contributions for Shield Block, Pain Tolerance and missile/thrown attack skills.

·       Action Penalties for some armours have been rationalised, e.g. Soft Leather armour now gives no Action Penalties.

·       Halved the Action Penalty applied to some moving skills because not all will be equally impeded by encumbrance and armour, especially since armour is designed to not overly impede the making of attacks. E.g. swimming and contortions are now fully penalised by Action Penalties but attack skills are not.

Skill changes:

·       Changed skill development (including rules for tuition and research). It is no longer possible to shift skill advances to other skills - you must use the skill (or get training) for it to increase.

·       Introduced dire fumbles - these cause skill bonuses to decrease.

Magic changes:

·       Time required to memorise a spell now varies with the spell's level.

·       Reduced the potency of the Total Regeneration spell. Added two new Wounding spells - Curse and Doom.

·       Simplified the rules for improvised spells - dialects have been replaced with Spell-Casting skills for each discipline. The new rules are less of a copy of other systems.

·       Process for codifying new spells has been streamlined so that characters can invent new spells whilst adventuring.

Stat changes:

·       Changed how maximum HIPs and POPs are calculated, so that they follow similar rules (maximum numbers of POPs have been halved). The rate at which HIPs and POPs are regained has also been simplified.

·       Changed the high CO and MA stat abilities.

·       Monster changes:

·       Undead drain POPs more quickly now - in play testing, most combats were over before undead had had chance to drain.