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Rolz RPG Dice Roller

Useful website if you donít have real dice.


The Trove

Archive of dozens of role playing games.


The Free RPG Blog

Championing free pencil and paper RPG material. Check out the review of FEAR on 30 June 2009!


Nearby Gamers

Find real roleplayers for your game.



Large collection of free RPGs, articles, etc.


Tabletop Gaming News

News of roleplaying games and board games.


Lord of the Rings Timeline

Maps and timelines for the greatest fantasy epic.


Chris's Compendium Of Free Role Playing Games

Links to free RPGs.



RPG related resource site with reviews, articles and interviews.


Iron Crown Enterprises

Publisher of Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying.


The Guild Companion

Resource site for Rolemaster and other systems.


Wizards Of The Coast

Publisher of Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying.


All About Dragons

Links to dragon-related resources.