FEAR RPG is a free and complete pencil-and-paper fantasy roleplaying game.


Last updated on 6 October 2019.


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Some roleplaying games are so simplistic that any realism is lost. Ever played a game where:

·       only thieves can pick locks?

·       rapiers do the same type of damage as clubs?

·       each combatant makes one attack every ten seconds, and can only wear one type of armour?


Other roleplaying games are so complex that they become unplayable. Ever played a game where:

·       each character has hundreds of different skills?

·       keeping track of damage in combat requires a qualification in accountancy?

·       you have to buy twenty rulebooks to get a decent set of rules?


FEAR RPG was born out of frustration with these types of roleplaying games, and has been designed from scratch to be realistic yet flexible. The rules can be adapted to any fantasy world you care to use. Hopefully there’s enough depth to satisfy experienced role-players, and enough explanation to get novices started too. Sadly, I’m not an artist so there are no pretty pictures to break up the text and tables. If anyone has fantasy artwork they don’t mind me using, please contact me!


What do you get?


FEAR RPG provides:

·       12 classic fantasy PC races;

·       145 detailed monster descriptions;

·       315 spells in 12 schools of magic;

·       a simple and flexible skill development system;

·       a realistic second-by-second combat system.


FEAR RPG can be adapted to virtually any fantasy world invented. Just add dice (1d10s) and imagination…


Authorship and Contact Information


FEAR RPG was created by Paul Jeffcoat, with suggestions from Dale Broadbent, James Lowe and Chris Murtagh.


It has been published on the internet to get feedback from other role-players. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email them to:



Last Rule Update

Previous updates are listed on the Rules page.


Eleventh Edition – 6 October 2019:


o   Altered status ranks to better match a feudal society for Humans.

o   Expanded skills whose goals are affected by race.

·       ACTIONS chapter:

o   Expanded fumble definition to include rolls producing no successes. Will make fumbles more likely.

o   Allowed players to use extra LURPS to shift the goal of a re-roll, up to 10 or down to 4. LURPS can be contributed by multiple PCs.

o   Added Bowmaking, Brewing, Quickening and Skiing skills.

·       COMBAT chapter:

o   Added and reordered magic injuries.

o   Changed quarterstaff duration to 4 from 5.

o   Added treatise on damage from rock falls.

o   Removed attack limit on falling damage.

·       MAGIC chapter:

o   Introduced difficulty variants, rather than letting some spells have stronger effects with high SC. Now these effects are gained by passing a Spell-Casting Roll vs a higher Difficulty, and a die is required.

o   Reduced the number of targets affected by some spells, requiring a difficulty variant to be cast to affect multiple targets.

o   Amended the three Familiar spells to allow casters to speak through their familiars.

o   Aeromancy:

§  Amended Freeze.

o   Alchemy:

§  Added Enchant Portrait and Bewilderment Stone.

§  Amended Slaying Enhancement so goal of attacks is not lowered below 4.

o   Curses:

§  Amended Derange spell so the psychosis can be chosen.

§  Weakened Punish and Putrefy spells.

§  Added Befuddle, Enfeeble, Paralysis and Blood Sacrifice spells.

o   Force:

§  Added Skittles and Animate Rope spells.

§  Renamed Enhance spells as Augment.

§  Weakened Hasten in line with Celerity and new Quickening skill.

o   Healing:

§  Added Hibernation spell.

o   Hydromancy:

§  Added Buoyancy, Bubble Cloak and Part Water spells.

§  Amended Ice Wall.

§  Replaced Ice Dome with Summon Igloo.

o   Mind:

§  Added Guard Item, Trap Memory and Charm spell.

§  Amended duration of Passion.

§  Scrapped Long Resurrection.

o   Nature:

§  Added Gills of the Pike and Identify Spoor spells.

§  Amended Become Lycanthrope, and added note on phases of moon.

o   Necromancy:

§  Weakened Celerity in line with Hasten and new Quickening skill.

o   Pyromancy:

§  Added Fire Sprite, Cauterise and Divine Ashes spells.

o   Terramancy:

§  Added Sand Sprite, Slingshot, Tar Bolt, Stone Walking, Rock Fall and Devour Blade spells.

§  Replaced Stone Dome with Summon Keep.

o   Wizardry:

§  Added Question Text, Link Receptacles and Share Spell.

§  Changed Spell Trigger to Spell Rune, and scrapped Inscribed Trigger.

§  Renamed Augment spells to Increase.

o   Pious magic:

§  Added blessings on people (geasa).

§  Altered demigod powers.

§  Added Tearing Apart chaos gift.

·       OPTIONAL RACES chapter:

o   Added Changeling.


o   Advanced character generation - reduced number of spells this produces, and added rules for spell dies.

o   Psychoses have been reworked as madnesses. Rules simplified to remove a roll from the process, and to encourage roleplaying.

·       GM chapter:

o   Added a description of feudal society.

o   Worsened magic injuries at intersections.

o   Expanded the section on plot ideas.

o   Added optional rule for seventh sons of seventh sons (or daughters).

·       BESTIARY chapter:

o   Added generic NPC archetypes: fighter, magician, ranger and thief.

o   Added new creatures: Walrus, Were-Walrus, Cave Catfish, Giant Marsh Bittern, Flesh Scarab, Black Lotus, Lampreys (Common and Giant Cave), Pony, Toad Demons, Headless Zombie and Peryton.

o   Renamed Cave Amoeba as Creeping Jelly and added Lurking Jelly to compliment.

o   Improved Dracoliche's breath weapon.

o   Amended Earth Drake to make more wormlike and to link to alkahest.

o   Amended Undine so they bestow power to breathe underwater.

o   Amended Lycanthropes to make them less likely to transform, but more frightening to encounter.

o   Added demonic wrongness to Gargoyles and Thrall Demon.

o   Noted that subterranean versions of Giant Electric Eel and Giant Newt can be encountered underground.

o   Revised packs of crows, rats, piranhas to be more dangerous, and simpler to use.

o   Amended levels of Might.

o   Amended fear effects, so some creatures' lairs are filled with a fear-inducing miasma.

o   Reduced animal-based poison potencies, as too powerful to resist.

·       GOODS AND SERVICES chapter:

o   Added ships.

o   Added rules for retainers.

o   Added new herbs - Bravebriar, Orcsalve.

o   Added new poisons - Black Lotus, Dwam Lotus, Soma Palm.

o   Reduced animal-based poison potencies, as too powerful to resist.

o   Revised diseases to make more balanced. Added Spell Ache.

o   Renamed plunderage as treasure tithe.

·       TREASURE chapter:

o   Simplified Potion of Luck, and made much more common.

o   Added treasures: Mail of the Ninth Wave, Occulting Tabernacle, Mask of the Owl, Mask of Death, Mask of the Overlord, Figurehead of Bathsheba, Mornkyr's Plate, Bone Bow, Golem Assassin, Lamp of the Void, Miser's Quiver, Green Man Draught.

o   Added Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.

o   Added materials: Drake Horn and Lhachelang (meteorite iron).

o   Added magical books: The Vault 'Neath Minninglow, On the Realignment of the Heart, The Pessimistic Treatise of Total Inaction, The Necronomicon, The Book of Diligent Alchemy, The Tome of Trials.